Double rifles are new to the website but not new to Brockman's. For a few years now Jim Brockman has been restocking and rebuilding double rifles for a few good customers. Professional hunter and elephant expert Jeff Rann and World of Beretta's Chris Dorcy among others.

Double rifles have long been considered the ultimate close range dangerous game rifle. At this point in history there are more rifles and ammunition on the market than anytime since before World War II. From exquisite English made side locks to economical shooters a hunter can take hog hunting.

Double rifle work is accepted on a case by case basis only.


William Douglas .470 Nitro shown after a complete rebuild. The rifle had been heavily used and had separated at the muzzles. This rifle was restocked, regulated and metal finished. It is now back in the hands of a PH in Africa backing up clients'.


Beretta Best Quality 455 EELL sidelock. Restocked with the best Turkish walnut with all of the refinements of a best quality rifle. Stocked to the left hand shooters specifications.


Beretta 455 sidelock .470 Nitro Another rifle restocked to spec. for P.H. Jeff Rann. This is a best quality plain finish rifle that went straight to work with Jeff. This rifle was also re-regulated for Federal ammunition.