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Brockman's Working Rifle

Based on the time proven Mauser 98 design. The CZ 550 action is the heart of the Brockman Working Rifle. Unlike most actions, the 550 is designed to reliably feed big cased cartridges for flawless function. From there we have added all the useful features you would want on a rifle you can bet your life on. A smooth action with perfect feeding, a crisp trigger pull, practical, fast, accurate ghost ring sights for close work, a strong durable laminated stock with proper balance and feel, correctly dimensioned to reduce felt recoil, and the best quick detachable mounts in the world. All that and it looks good, too!

Options Included With This Package:
Classic Mauser Type Control Round Feed Action
24" Barrel with Protected Recessed Crown
Barrel Band Front Sight
Brockman's Pop-up Peep Rear Sight
Barrel Band Sling Swivel
Action Polished and Smoothed
Trigger Adjusted to a Crisp 3lb Pull
Single Set Trigger
Talley Bases with 8-40 Magnum Screws and Recoil Shoulders
Classic Design Laminated Wood Stock with Pachmayr Decelerator Pad and Steel Grip Cap
Action is Bedded and Barrel is Free Floated
All Functions are Tested and Perfected
Please Choose an Action

.416 Rigby (4+1) Package.........$4199.00

.375 H & H (5+1) Package.........$4199.00

.458 Lott Package................ $4350.00

Other Cartridges Available Upon Request

Note:Prices are subject to change.

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Note: Federal law requires an 11% tax on any rifle when we provide the action. This tax will be added to your final purchase total.


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