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Brockman's Bolt Action Rifles

The Brockman bolt action rifles reflect years of experience & innovation, blended with feedback from customers experience in the field. Some rifle builders feel that accuracy is everything. We feel it is only one of several important aspects in building a high quality hunting rifle. A high quality hunting rifle must function perfectly in extreme conditions. The most accurate rifle in the world is worthless if it will not perform the basic functions: feeding, extracting and withstanding the elements of a hunt!

Our goal at Brockman's is to produce a hunting rifle for you that meets all of these requirements.

Each Brockman rifle is delivered with a check list and a target signed off by Jim Brockman.

[Universal Hunter]

[Premier Practical Rifle]

[Classic Practical Rifle]

[Brockman's Working Rifle]

[General Bolt Action Work]

Note: Federal law requires an 11% tax on any rifle when we provide the action. This tax will be added to your final purchase total.

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